RC planes

R/C modelplanes

When I "dumped" my Ham Radio hobby, I immediately knew what I was going to pursue R/C Planes!

I had been in the Ham Radio hobby for 8 years, but dropped out because of lack of time (started my own company at that time!).

I have been fascinated by R/C planes since I was a young kid. There was a flying field close to where I used to live with my parents and I was at the flying field as often as I could (homework from the school and my electronics projects was the only things that could keep me away)

My main interest in R/C models are turbine driven planes (with real jet turbines), this is the closest you come to the "real thing", the smell and sound is as close as it gets.

Below is a few pictures of some of the countless number of model planes I have built and owned

Link to some of the devices I have developed for modelplanes