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Welcome to Carsten Groen's personal website!

On the following pages you can get an idea of my interests, and what I spend my time on (you will soon find out that 99% of my spare time is spent on something technical, well, 100% of my "work time" is also spent on technical stuff

The 8 meter homemade parabolic dish, and the new observatory (Both the dish and observatory has since been taken down)


I have been an active Radio Amateur on the shortwave bands and also on Moonbounce (EME). for many years. At this point however, this hobby has been put on "hold" for me due to lack of interest at the moment.

Instead I'm having a blast trying to learn to fly R/C controlled model jet planes :o)

During the fall of 2003, I have built an "Garden" observatory, that houses a large computer controlled telescope

Besides my hobbies, I enjoy working with "almost anything technical" :-), as you will see on the following pages...