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VHF EME Antennas

I have been active on 144 MHz EME during two periods. The first period was from 1993 to 1995. At that time, I built 4 15 element antennas, each approximately 8 meters long in a large "H" frame.

4 times 15 element yagi for 144 Mhz


In 1997 I decided to build a larger system, this time it was 8 15 element yagi's mounted in a "double H" frame. Unfortunately, the array was taken by a very furious storm in December 1999 with winds peaking to 100 mph ! The Az/El Mount was completely destroyed, as well as most of the antennas and feed system 

Pictures of the 8 times 15 element VHF EME array

8 times 15 Element 4.0 WL, 8.3 Meter long, DJ9BV Cross yagi's, estimated array gain is 25 DBi.
The size of the complete array was 12 meters wide, the central boom was located 4.5 meters above ground, which placed the 4 lowest antennas at 2.5 meter and the four upper antennas at 6.5 meter above ground, each antenna was 8.3 meter long. The total weight of the system excluding the mast was around 500 Kg (1000 pound).