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I have been active on 1.3 GHz EME from two different systems, a 5 meter homemade dish and an 8 M homemade dish. I was only active on 1.3 GHz, but the 8M dish was also used as a ground station to help the students from Aalborg University make contact with their satellite !

In 2000, I designed and build a 8 meter dish for EME use. The dish was operational until 2003, were I kind of lost interest in the Ham Radio hobby (still have my call sign though, you never know :o)

The 8 meter dish (and the observatory)

The tower that supported the dish. rotated around a solid steel post, 100 mm in diameter, 150 cm high. The tower turned 300 degrees on wheels that drove on a 2 meter (in diameter) solid bar, made of 30 x 50 mm steel. Azimuth drive was electrical, Elevation was hydraulic.

The following pictures shows some of the steps during the building process of the dish

Construction of the dish:

 Pouring concrete for the dish, preparing, and finally the dish is up !

Mounting of hydraulics, motors and feed system:


The first dish, a 5 meter dish, was operational from 1993, and was sold to Hans, OZ6OL, in 1998 where my construction of the 8 x 15 element VHF array began. Hans later also bought my big 8 meter dish in 2003.

The 5 meter dish