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R/C Models

When I "dumped" my Ham Radio hobby, I immediately knew what I was going to pursue, R/C Planes ! I have been in this hobby 8 years ago, but dropped out after a couple of years because of lack of time (started my own company at that time!). I have been fascinated by R/C planes since I was a young kid. There was a flying field close to where I used to live with my parents, and I was at the flying field as often as I could (homework from the school and my electronics projects was the only things that could keep me away :-)

A couple of years ago I started again. I have recently joined a local R/C club, Østjydsk Model Flyve Klub, which is a very nice and active group of people.

My current hangar contains:


This is my new Eurosport Jet from Composite ARF.
It will be driven by a Jetcat P160SE turbine (16 Kg of thrust). Receiver is a Weatronic dual receiver with Gyro and GPS. Fully equipped with comp-arf heavy duty landing gear, full ducting and kevlar tanks.
This is my new Extra 330SX 2.6 meter wingspan from Composite ARF.
Engine is a DA-100 (100 ccm) boxer engine driving a 24x12 3 bladed prop.
Receiver is a Weatronic dual receiver with Gyro and GPS.
Plane is equipped with smoke system.
Baby Boomerang Jet from Boomerangjets.
It is driven by a Jetcat P80 turbine (8 Kg of thrust), retractable Jet-1A gear with brakes
This plane is my first "baby" steps into the world of jets!
Hangar 9 P51 Miss America. Engine is a 4 stroke OS FS91 Surpass II-P.
My Kyosho Calmato 60 Sport.
Powered by a OS 61 FX engine
Servos are Hitec HS475, receiver is a Webra DS8 synth

Indoor equipment:


This is one of my "Knuffel's"
1 x AXI 2204/54 motor
3 x Bluebird 3.6 gram servo
1 x 10 Amp regulator
1 x Multiplex receiver
1 x Hyperion 2S 400 mH/H LiPo battery

Total weight is 175 gram.
My Indoor/Outdoor UFO !
This is a fun plane ! It's very responsive, can do loops within a 1 meter circle, big fun !
The "plane" is 54 cm in diameter and is made of 5 mm depron (the fin is a double layer, 10 mm total)
The construction time: 20..30 minutes :o)

Uses an AXI 2204/54, 10 Amp regulator, 2 Hitec HS65B and a 2S 600 mA/h LiPo, total weight is 180 gram.

This is my fat and heavy indoor (and outdoor) combat wing!
1 x Micro REXX 220/1800 motor (prop APC 7x5)
2 x Hitec HS65 servo
1 x 10 Amp regulator
1 x Schultze 535 receiver

For indoor (weight 340 gr !):
1 x 2S 750 mA/H LiPo battery

For outdoor:
1 x 2S 1800 mA/H LiPo battery




Planes that I either sold, or that has "passed away":


Multiplex Twinstar II.
2 x Micro REX220-18 Brushless
2 x Hyperion TITAN 20 Amp ESC
1 x Multiplex IPD receiver
4 x HS81MG servos
1 x Hyperion 3S1P 3700 mH/H LiPo battery

I have developed a small microprocessor solution for controlling lights in the plane (I simply had to make some electronics for it :o). It has Red/Green wingtip lights, 2 strobe lights and 2 very bright landing lights, all controlled from the transmitter

This plane has been sold !
Prodigy 3D from Fliton.
Motor is a Hacker A20/20L
Bluebird servos
Webra DS8 synth receiver
30 Amp ESC from Hyperion
battery is a 3S 2200 mA/H

This plane has been sold !

Hirobo Sceadu EVO50 (the first one I bought) with a OS50 engine and Futaba equipment (RX, servos and Gyro). This is a very stable helicoptor, good to start on.

This heli has been sold !

My second Hirobo Sceadu EVO50, this one has the exact same setup as the first one I bought. It's nice to have a backup heli when the other is grounded :) 

This heli has been sold !
Multiplex Easy Glider Electric, wingspan 180 cm.
Stock motor with a Hyperion 3S1P 2200 mA/H battery. This plane will fly forever on this pack, I can easily keep it flying for more than 1 hour, even though the motor is used most of the time.
Very stable flight, easy to hand launch.
Don't like too much wind though (the Twinstar is much better for that)

This plane has been sold !
Electric heli, a ESky Honey Be Cool with a brushed motor and 3S 730 mA/H LiPo (later upgraded to a Brushless setup)

This heli has been sold !

Ultrafly Radix 3D (and one of my cats, he thinks he looks really cool :o).
Motor is a AXI 2204/54 running on 3 LiPo cells (450 mA/H and 730 mA/H). Total AUW is 217 g (a little fat).

This plane is "no more" :o(
This was my first in-door model, a Tiger Moth from GWS. Wingspan on this little plane is 78 cm. Running on the stock motor, using a 2S1P 1200 mA/H LiPo battery, 1 hour flight time :)

This plane has been sold ! 

Superfly Superflea wing (and one of my cats eating the battery connector). Motors used are the stock ones (brushed) and 2S LiPo (400 mA/H).

The plane was underpowered with the stock motors and as I didn't want to upgrade them to brushless, I stole the servos from this plane, and stuffed them to the "UFO" found somewhere on this page :o)

This plane is "no more" :o(

This was my NanoBandit made from depron. I found a detailed description on, and I just had to build this one. Wingspan is only 46 cm, and thrust to weight ratio is very close to 1:1. Running with a 40 mm fan unit with a Feigao motor and 3S1P 730mA/H LiPo.

This plane is "no more" (radio glitch) :o(

FA-18 Hornet from HET-RC, wingspan 72 cm
This plane is "under construction", I'm not in a rush to finish it, my flying capabilities (or lack off) is not good enough to handle that plane yet. But when they are, it will be great (and fast) fun ! The plane is driven by a Wemotec mini-fan, I will use a MEGA 16/15/2 motor and a Hyperion 3S 3700 Ma/H LiPo battery....

This plane has been sold ! 

Super Stunts 40 from "The World Models".
Plane is equipped with a OS 46FX engine, wingspan is 160 cm, very nice as a "everyday" plane

This plane has been sold !