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The House Automation Concept:

The HAC system was developed many years ago by me, in a very simple form, for controlling all the electrical circuits in a typical house. The system was based on a central module, HACBAS, which reacted on button pressures, and controlled various electrical circuits around a house. The first system build around the "original" HAC system, consisted of 128 inputs and 128 outputs. The inputs came from small panels with buttons and LED, placed around the house. The outputs controlled the LED's on the panels, and some ordinary SPDT relays. These relays would then enable power to outlets, lamps etc

Then, from this rather simple system, a more flexible system evolved around 1995. This system is based on a multidrop, RS485 protocol, running at 57.6 KBaud or 115.2 KBaud. All the modules developed so far, are based on Atmel 8051 FLASH based micro controllers. In my own house, I have a total of 35 modules. These modules are all connected to a RS485 network.

The modules so far includes the following:

HACIR.C Interfaces to a Dallas DS1820 Thermo sensor and receives Philips RC-5 remote control commands
HACIO.C 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs
HACSOUND.C 2 x 20W audio amplifier with 8 separate stereo inputs, bass/treble and volume, controlled by an Philips TEA6330T I2C sound processor
HACAIDO.C 16 analog 12 bit inputs, 16 digital outputs
HACAIDI.C 16 analog 12 bit inputs, 16 digital inputs
HACDIM.C 5 channel 220V (or whatever voltage, 36V for Halogen spots...) separate controllable
HACCOUNT.C One channel counter module, for counting pulses from Gas/Power meters
HACINC.C Interfaces to 2 incremental encoders, for reading of positions
HACNET.C / HACNET.H The fundamental HACNET protocol, used in all the above modules

Misc. projects:

...and countless other....the projects on this page is just the ones that most people has asked me about...